When Is The Best Time For Electrolysis?

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on April 25, 2018

At Nashua Electrolysis we would like to stress one thing: see one of our professional electrologists any time you consider hair removal in Hollis, NH.  Our professionals are licensed and have had plenty of experience in providing their patients with the best service.

During your consultation, you will learn about the three phases of growth for human hair: anagen, catagen, and telogen.




Anagen is the first stage. When your hair is growing, it is in the anagen phase. As soon as you see the hair growing out of your skin, it is the best time to book your hair removal appointment. Anagen is the best stage of hair growth to have electrolysis because it destroys the hair germination cells most effectively.



Catagen is the “mature” phase of hair growth and is the point when your hair stops growing.



The telogen phase is the resting or shedding stage. In this stage, the hair sheds so that the follicle can begin to grow another hair in the anagen stage again. According to WebMD, 25-100 hairs fall out every day.



The anagen stage is the best time to treat a hair with electrolysis. The most amount of “positive damage” can be done at this time. If you miss this stage, however, electrolysis is still useful. It may just take a few more sessions because of the nature of the hair growth cycle. Still, hair removal with electrolysis in Hollis, NH is the best way to get rid of the hair permanently.

It is important to see your licensed electrologist for your hair removal in Hollis, NH. Professionals, like our staff, can give you the quality that you deserve. Call Nashua Electrolysis, LLC today at (603)-888-3803 so you can schedule your free consultation!