What Causes Hair Growth?

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on June 25, 2019

At one point or another every woman has reached for the tweezers or razor.  Removing unwanted hair as quickly as possible to avoid embarrassment is the goal in mind.  However, these at home methods can make your hair grow back thicker, darker, and faster.  Understanding the underlying cause of your hair growth can assist you in making the best choice on what to do about it.  At Nashua Electrolysis, we provide a permanent solution for hair removal in Merrimack NH and surrounding towns.  Getting to the root of your problem is our specialty.



Going hand-in-hand with the age of woman, are the various stages she’ll experience over her lifetime.  From puberty to menopause, and pregnancy, these stages will all affect the hormone levels within the body.  As women go through these different stages of life, fluctuations in hormones can cause an imbalance.  What does this mean? The male hormone, testosterone, may increase within the body producing masculine features; such as facial hair.  Although after pregnancy where the body should regulate itself, other stages such as menopause may cause for the need of supplements.  Hormonal balance within the body is the ideal state in which all hormones are functioning at their intended levels.  Consultation with your doctor can help you determine if further action is needed.


Hereditary Traits

The one traits which makes us unique lies within our heredity background.  Further, our ethnicity.  There are a few regions in the world which are known for having darker, more coarse hair.  People with Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and South Asian heritages are prime examples of those under this category.  Although your traits are what make you who you are, some features you may find less desirable.  With the help of electrolysis, you can have unwanted areas of hair permanently removed.

Another factor in your heritage in which you have no control involves disease or disorders.  For instance, adrenal hyperplasia, pituitary adenomas, or hirsutism are all disorders that can be responsible for excessive hair growth. 



Your daily habits also play an important role in the growth of unwanted hair.  Many people take medications prescribed by their doctor.  Although you’re treating one symptom you may be causing others, like unwanted hair growth.  For instance, steroids, antidepressants, or certain birth control pills can trigger symptoms within the body throwing your hormones off balance.

Stress.  Need we say more? We all know that stress can wreak havoc on our bodies.  From obesity to , stress has side effects.  Avoidance of stress is clearly the solution, but very unlikely.  However, with methods such as yoga, quiet walks, and breathing techniques you can help decrease levels of stress.   


Whatever the underlying factor for your unwanted hair may be, electrolysis is the only truly permanent method of hair removal in Merrimack NH and surrounding areas. Contact Nashua Electrolysis, LLC today and free yourself from unwanted hair.  Visit us online at www.nashua-electrolysis.com or call (603) 888-3803 to schedule a consultation.