What Are the Most Common Areas Treated with Electrolysis?

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on July 6, 2015

\One of the questions that is frequently asked when it comes to electrolysis treatment, is “What area would I like to have treated?” While the answer can differ for each individual’s needs, here is a list of areas that are frequently treated with electrolysis for women, men and young adults.

Treatment Areas for Women and Young Adults

Many women have unwanted hair for a multitude of reasons. Some of these reasons include hormonal imbalance, medication, and even genetics. The face is the most popular area to receive electrolysis treatments. This includes the chin, upper lip, jawline, eyebrows, and throat. Other areas of the body that are often treated for women are the underarms, chest, abdomen, and bikini line.

Treatment Areas for Men and Young Adults

Men also face the problem of unwanted or excessive hair growth on the body, and seek electrolysis for a permanent hair removal solution. Electrolysis treatment can help men in grooming areas such as the beard line, between the eyebrows, and ears. Permanent hair removal makes the morning routine quick and easy. Additional areas that are commonly treated in men include the back, chest, and arms.

Do you have unwanted hair growth on an area not listed above? Nashua Electrolysis, LLC can help treat most any area of the face and body, aside from the eyelashes, interior of the nose, or in the ear canal. The professional team at Nashua Electrolysis is here to help rid your body of unnecessary hair growth, and leave you feeling comfortable and confident in the skin you’re in.

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