The Three Types of Electrolysis Hair Removal

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on May 29, 2015

Electrolysis remains the only tried and true method of permanent hair removal recognized by the FDA. This effective treatment is available through three different methods, each providing their own unique benefits and considerations. All three methods work by inserting a solid stainless steel probe into the hair follicle and then applying electrical current through the probe to destroy the hair germination cells. Here’s a brief overview of the three electrolysis treatment options that are available today.


The galvanic method of treatment is the type originally used when electrolysis was first discovered in 1875. This current utilizes the water and natural salt found in the body to produce sodium hydroxide, also known as lye. The lye produced then works to destroy the cells in the hair follicle to prevent further hair growth. The galvanic method is highly effective since it continues to destroy the hair germination cells even after the probe is removed from the hair follicle, but it is necessary to apply the current in each follicle for minutes at a time.


Another method used for electrolysis is referred to as thermolysis, radio frequency or “flash”. This energy destroys the cells in the hair follicle by coagulating or drying out them out. The timing for this type of electricity is anywhere from tenths to hundred thousandths of a second within each hair follicle.


As its name implies, the blend method combines both galvanic and thermolysis into one treatment. The thermolysis speeds up the action of the galvanic current, allowing the timing to be anywhere from a minimum of 5 seconds to 10 second per hair follicle. The blend method is computer programmed, in order to correctly and evenly distribute the two methods for a safe and effective treatment.

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