The Three Most Effective Electrolysis Aftercare Tips

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on November 30, 2017

Nashua Electrolysis, LLC always advises their patients to take care of themselves after a treatment and to follow  their aftercare tips. The most practical ones we recommend for electrolysis in Milford, NH are simple and effective.



1.) Avoid Sun Exposure

Your hair follicles need time to heal after a treatment. Staying out of the sun for about forty-eight hours will prevent the sun from penetrating the follicle. Otherwise, freckles may develop where the hair was removed. We also recommend staying out of tanning salons. They can have the same effect as direct sun exposure.


2.) Cleansing

Skin needs to stay clean after we perform electrolysis. Use 70% alcohol or witch hazel to cleanse the area for three days after the treatment. It’s important to have your skin heal properly after a treatment.


3.) Don’t Touch The Area

When you touch your skin, you are (unknowingly) spreading germs and bacteria to that area. After electrolysis in Milford, NH, your follicles need to heal. Keep your hands off the area and the bacteria won’t have a chance to slow down the follicle from healing.



These three tips help make the healing process successful. As always, feel free to talk to us about every aspect of electrolysis in Milford, NH, if you have any questions! For more information about our business, give Nashua Electrolysis, LLC a call at (603)888-3803 and see what we can do for you today!