The Most Common Places for Hair Removal

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on November 25, 2018

Few things are worse in your everyday life than stubborn hairs. Everybody has at least one strand that grows in an inconvenient place you have to shave off. While it’s that time of year when you can hide most of your unwanted hair with a turtleneck, sometimes it’s better to take care of it permanently. Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal technique. Here are the most common spots on your body for hair removal in Merrimack NH.

Upper Lip

Facial hair is a touchy subject. Some people are upset when they can’t grow enough, however far more get angry when it grows in places they don’t want it to grow. A common place for hair removal in Merrimack NH is the upper lip. Some women grow more hair on their upper lip than others. Many grow hair on their chin, another common place for hair removal.


Shaving underarms can be downright awkward and uncomfortable. You have a good chance of getting razor burn and red bumps are more likely to occur on the underarms. Those with sensitive skin especially feel the effects of shaving under their arms. If you’re tired of razor burn or ingrown hairs, permanent hair removal is a surefire way to eliminate the need for shaving.

Bikini Line

Many people seek out hair removal for their bikini line. This area of the body takes a lot of time to maintain with temporary methods, like shaving or waxing. The best time to start treatments on the bikini is in the fall. Then the area will be looking good for the next summer.


When it comes to areas like the upper lip, underarms and bikini, electrolysis is your best option. No other hair removal technique has permanent results. So, when you need hair removal in Merrimack NH, talk to Nashua Electrolysis, LLC. Contact us at 603-888-3808 or visit us online,