Sun Safety After Electrolysis

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on July 25, 2019

Here in New England, we have long winters and short summers.  Thus, when the summer months roll around, we tend to flock outdoors for adventures and gatherings.  Although being outdoors is wonderful, it also means that our everyday skin care routines should be taken up a notch.  This is especially true if you’re undergoing electrolysis treatment.  Because hair removal in Merrimack, NH, and surrounding areas is so popular, we’ve created this helpful list of best practices when it comes to skin care and sun!


Avoid the Sun

Your best and safest option when it concerns sunbathing while undergoing electrolysis treatments is to avoid the sun altogether.  More specifically, it’s recommended that you avoid exposure to UV rays for 48 hours after treatments.  However, living in New England, we know how difficult this is to ask of someone.  With the summer upon us for only a few months, being outside is a significant part of many of our days.  From beach days to mountain adventures, we thrive for the fresh air of summer.  Thus, taking the proper precautions is imperative to healthy skin care.



When venturing outside during the summer months, it’s crucial to apply sunscreen.  Even though sunscreen is an essential element of daily skin care, it becomes even more important when undergoing hair removal treatments.  When shopping for a quality sunscreen, look for one that is broad spectrum.  Protecting your skin from both UV and UVB rays will ensure the fullest amount of protection you can obtain. 


Give It Time

Again, we understand that staying indoors isn’t an option this time of year.  However, electrolysis exposes your pores to potential infection.  The general rule is to wait a minimum of two days after treatment before exposing yourself to high-traffic areas; such as public pools and hot tubs.


Lather Don’t Scrub

Although exfoliation is one of the best habits to have during the summer, you’ll want to avoid this practice.  After electrolysis treatments especially, you should avoid exfoliating for at least four days.  Whether you use shower loofahs or body scrubs, be sure to set them aside and give your skin the time it needs to heal.


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