Preparing for Electrolysis

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on February 20, 2017

As with any delicate procedure, electrolysis requires some preparation beforehand. Hair removal experts know what they are doing and there are steps for you to take before your appointment to ensure a comfortable, successful experience. Remember these tips before you visit, and always come by Nashua Electrolysis if you require hair removal in Litchfield, NH!

1.) Find Your Modality

Electrolysis has multiple ways of using electricity to destroy the hair germinating cells, the cells that make hair grow. There is direct current, which works with the salt and water within the follicle to destroy the hair germinating cells and alternating current, which dries them out. The blend option is a combination of both. Speak with a professional and find out which will work best for you.

2.) Avoid Certain Items Beforehand

Indulging in caffeine, salt, or sugar may trigger a more sensitive reaction to the electrolysis process. We at Nashua Electrolysis encourage you to skip these ingredients up to four hours before you undergo hair removal in Litchfield, NH.

3.) Be Aware of Your Body

Are you feeling a bit nervous or worried about something going on in your life? Stress can make you more sensitive to the treatment. It is always best to try and stay calm, using relaxation techniques to feel more at ease. We also suggest booking your appointment not too close to your period, as this also may increase sensitivity. Observe how your body feels, and do your best to stay calm to reduce sensitivity!

4.) Attend a Consultation

At Nashua Electrolysis, we require our patients to attend a consultation appointment before any procedure initially begins. During this visit, we go over the patient’s medical history, discuss the process, tell you how to take care of your skin after a treatment and answer any questions you may have.

Follow these steps, and you are sure to be prepared for your electrolysis session. If you require hair removal in Litchfield, NH, look no further than Nashua Electrolysis. For more information about our company or practices, please give us a call at (603)-888-3803!