Pregnancy and Excessive Hair Growth.

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on March 25, 2021

Very common during pregnancy is a condition known as hirsutism. This condition causes excess hair growth in women, generally in places we don’t want it to grow! As experts in permanent hair removal in Dunstable and surrounding areas, our experts are taking a closer look at Hirsutism and what you can do about it during pregnancy.



What causes all of this hair during pregnancy?

As you can imagine, during your pregnancy, your body is going through dramatic hormonal fluctuations. Many of these fluctuations involve a sudden increase in estrogen production. And, of course, this is the hormone largely responsible for belly hair. Often thicker and darker in color, these new unwelcome hairs may also appear on your chest, arms, neck, face, shoulders, and back.



It’s here, but will it go away?

While no one wants excess hair growth in all of the wrong places, it’s generally harmless during pregnancy. In most instances, unwanted pregnancy hair goes away after the baby arrives. However, for some, it will stay. For others, waiting it out is not an option.

Whether your baby has arrived and the hairs are sticking around, or if you just can not stand them anymore, permanent hair removal in Dunstable in surrounding towns is always a solution.


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Postpartum facial hairs.

Unfortunately, for many women, facial hair postpartum is all too common. While an extreme excess may be a sign of a medical condition, like hirsutism, so it may be worth a call to your doctor. However, it’s important to keep in mind that postpartum hair growth (in the wrong places) is normal.

While hair growth tends to slow after giving birth and as we age, your face it’s an exception. Wonderful, we agree! Luckily there are options available to remedy the situation – permanently.



Permanent hair removal in Dunstable.

At Nashua Electrolysis, we take pride in returning confidence to women during a time that they should feel beautiful! Don’t get us wrong, you should always feel beautiful! For more information on permanent hair removal, please contact Nashua Electrolysis at (603) 888-3803.


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