It’s Almost That Time of Year

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on March 26, 2018

Despite having a few lingering snow storms lately, it is almost swimsuit season. Warm weather is just around the corner and for many women and men that means showing off legs, arms, and back. It is important that you feel comfortable during the warm summer months that are about to be upon us. The beach is calling you, but maybe some unwanted hair is going to keep you from enjoying this summer to its fullest potential. It is time to consider hair removal in Hollis, NH.

Shaving takes time and can cause nicks, which mixed with salt water will hurt like mad. Waxing can be uncomfortable, and if the wax is too hot, you are left with a burn that could last days before you are able to comfortably relax by the pool. The only way that you can enjoy this summer and every summer to come without worrying, is by investing in electrolysis.

The FDA has only approved electrolysis as a permanent method of hair removal in Hollis, NH. While it will not happen in one visit, the process will ultimately make it so that you will never need to shave or pluck again, a much-needed relief from the regular stresses of daily life.

When you shave, you are good for maybe a week before it is time to get out your trusty razor and go after the hair again. This is because shaving only gets rid of the hair that is showing on the surface of the skin, not in the follicle. With electrolysis your trained professional will insert a very fine, solid, stainless steel probe into the hair follicle. Once inserted in the hair follicle, the electrologist will release an electric current through the probe. The hair germinating cells are slowly destroyed over time. The hair will become finer, have less color, grow slower, and/or not grow back.

It does take multiple visits to complete an area. The length of your visit and number of visits will depend on how large an area you want treated.

When you think about hair removal in Hollis, NH, electrolysis should be at the top of you list. With so many positive aspects to it:

  • FDA-Approved

  • Permanent

  • Natural

  • Works on ALL hair and skin types

Give electrolysis a try. All it takes is a trip to our office at 110 Daniel Webster Highway for your free consultation. Call to schedule an appointment with Nashua Electrolysis today at (603)-888-3803.