How to Choose an Electrologist

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on November 25, 2019

If you’ve decided to pursue electrolysis treatments, the tricky part is finding the electrologist right for you.  However, choosing the right electrologist is imperative for several reasons.  The experienced, knowledgeable team at Nashua Electrolysis, LLC has written this article to help you on your journey of selecting the best practice.

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Check references

When it concerns online reviews for a business, common sense is needed.  People that generally leave reviews are ones that leave a business unhappy.  Why is this? We’re not sure, but the team at Nashua Electrolysis wants to take the time to thank all of our happy customers that have left wonderful reviews.  Checking out online reviews is an excellent way to gauge what you can expect as a customer.  However, keeping in mind that the digital world is only one means of research.  

As one of the most powerful methods of education, word of mouth ranks number one in researching a business. By asking friends, family, coworkers, etc. about a particular company, you’re sure to receive honest input.  Besides, chances are the people you’re asking are local and have personal experiences versus internet trolls and potentially fake reviews.


Research their qualifications

Sure, there are electrologists fresh out of school that are excellent at their skill.  However, there’s something to be said about an experienced team with a strong record of success and happy clients.  Furthermore, several states require electrologists to be licensed or certified in order to actively practice.  Checking these credentials ensures you’re dealing with someone that is up to date on the most recent practices.  If the state doesn’t require licensure, be sure to find an electrologist that has undergone extensive learning at an accredited school. New Hampshire requires all electrologists to be licensed.


Schedule a consultation

Many businesses will take the time to meet with you, free of charge, before asking you to commit.  If they don’t, you may want to rethink bringing your business to that company.  A consultation is a perfect opportunity to ask questions, as well as check out the office environment.  A clean, friendly practice is imperative when choosing a business that will be performing your electrolysis treatments.

electroylsis new hampshire

For more information on electrolysis in New Hampshire, contact Nashua Electrolysis, LLC.  Our team of licensed experts undergoes extensive training each year to stay on top of the industry’s newest discoveries and technologies.  We have the proven success that has our clients referring friends and family to our team.  Call today to schedule your free consultation and discover why Nashua Electrolysis, LLC is consistently ranked one of the best for electrolysis in New Hampshire (603) 883-3803.