Hair Removal For Underarms? Yes, Yes, and Yes!

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on April 25, 2021

As the number one location for permanent hair removal in Dunstable and surrounding towns, Nashua Electrolysis often hears questions concerning treatable areas. While facial hair is one of the most common areas of concern, there are certainly others as well. For instance, many individuals reach out to our team seeking permanent hair removal for the underarms. However, when doing so, the first question is usually, “do you offer this service?” The answer is yes!


Why consider hair removal for your underarms?

These days, it’s hard to find a person who enjoys underarm air – men and women alike. That said, the first resource for removal is generally using a razor. Shaving is one of the leading causes of ingrown hair, skin irritations, and razor burn (those little annoying and painful red bumps). Electrolysis solves all of these problems.

When it comes down to effective and safe armpit hair removal, electrolysis is truly the only answer.  


How electrolysis stacks up against the alternatives.

We already touched about a few of the annoyances that come with shaving. However, shaving is not the only method for underarm hair removal. Sometimes, people opt for waxing their underarm hair. While waxing will certainly offer a longer solution than shaving, it comes with a few downfalls.

The first is the pain often associated with waxing. Hot wax applied to a generous sized area then ripped from your skin doesn’t really sound too enjoyable. Another downfall is the increased risk of ingrown hairs. With ingrown hairs comes the increased risk for bacterial buildup and even more irritation that your hair was causing!

Let us circle back to electrolysis.


Electrolysis is the only permanent solution for underarm hair removal.

Well, not just underarm hair removal, but for the sake of staying on track, let’s stick with that for now! Unlike other forms of hair removal, electrolysis targets the hair follicle. Passing an electric current to the follicle, the hair is removed – permanently. If you find that you tend to have sensitive skin, be sure to check out our article on properly preparing for your treatment.



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When it comes to permanent hair removal in Dunstable and surrounding downs, leave it to the professionals at Nashua Electrolysis. With decades of success stories and happy clients, we would love the opportunity to help you feel your best!


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