Hair Removal Brookline NH: Galvanic VS. Alternating Currents

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on January 25, 2021

Searching for permanent hair removal in Brookline, NH often leads you to electrolysis. If you’re a newcomer to our world, there are probably many questions circulating around your mind. Instead of searching endlessly through contradicting information online, the best action is to choose the best electrologist in the area. Once your decision to call Nashua Electrolysis is established, the next step is scheduling the initial consultation. Here, you’ll be given information on treatment plans and advice for before and aftercare.

Although these steps are exciting as they mark the beginning of your journey for permanent hair removal, they can also be confusing. Chances are, there are bound to be terms you’re not completely familiar with. For example, many of our patients have never heard of the terms galvanic, alternating current, or blend. With significant differences between the three methods, your treatment is often shaped by them. Here, we’ll guide you through the three to help you better understand the processes.


Galvanic Current

  • A direct current works with salt and water in the follicle to produce sodium hydroxide, which chemically destroys the hair follicle cells.
  • Sodium hydroxide is extremely mobile, moving within curved/distorted follicles for successful treatment.
  • A galvanic current requires an extended presence within the follicle for adequate treatment when used alone.


Alternating Current

  • Alternating current destroys the hair by drying out or coagulating the germination cells within the follicles.
  • This method is ideal for treatments requiring large amounts of hair removal in a shorter amount of time.
  • The current needs to be present in the follicle for hundredths to thousandths of a second, or at a lower intensity with slower timing at full seconds.
  • Alternating current is also known as shortwave, flash, or thermolysis.



  • For some, obtaining the desired results requires a blended method. As the name states, this method of treatment combines both types of currents. During a blend treatment, galvanic and alternating currents may be used simultaneously or sequentially.


While all treatment methods result in successful hair removal in Brookline, NH, they get used in different areas or situations. Like many other aspects of electrolysis in NH, it depends on the individual and desired outcome.

Permanent hair removal requires precision. Now that you’re in the know about the processes, feel free to give our experts at Nashua Electrolysis a call to schedule your consultation! Our experienced staff takes the time to understand you, your current health, and your desired outcome to help rid you of unwanted hair forever!



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