Electrolysis Unveiled

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on April 25, 2019

With the long winter months coming to an end, it is time to think about kickstarting our summer maintenance routine. For many, this involves pulling out the razor and shaving cream, or maybe quick at home hair removal solution.  If razor burn and harsh chemicals are no longer appealing, now is a perfect time of year to explore options for permanent hair removal in the Tyngsboro MA area.  Electrolysis began in 1875 and has been a trusted method for hair removal ever since.  Feeling beautiful and confident in yourself is more attainable now than ever before.­

What is Electrolysis 

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method approved and recognized by the FDA.  Electrolysis targets one follicle at a time.  An extremely thin probe is used to send electrical currents to the follicle gradually destructing it.  Commonly described as “a pinch” or “warm feeling” the sensation depends on the person and area being treated.  There are three modalities of treatment.  Whichever modality your electrologist ops for, there are several pointers for before and after treatment, as well as relaxation methods to keep you comfortable during sessions.


During your initial consultation, your licensed electrologist will create a treatment plan that is best for your desired results.  Treatment plans are individualized as everyone’s goals are different.  Treatment does require multiple session because each individual hair may need to be treated multiple times.  Since hairs are treated separately, this allows for precise shaping and area clearing. Depending on the hair thickness and surface area being covered, sessions can range between 10-60 minutes.

Who is Eligible?

Another significant benefit of electrolysis is that everyone is a candidate.  Regardless of your ethnicity and hair color, electrolysis has a one-size fits all mentality.  All skin and hair types have proven to successfully respond to treatment. Although treatment length can vary between individuals, a permanent solution will be obtained.  Furthermore, most body parts can be treated.  Commonly treated areas include; eyebrows, facial hair, underarms, legs, bikini, and backs.

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With the warmer months near, now is the perfect time to consider beginning your electrolysis treatments.  There are many options in the Tyngsboro, MA area for hair removal.  Nashua Electrolysis has experienced licensed experts that undergo extensive training each year to provide the best most up-to-date techniques.  Call today to schedule your private consultation (603) 888-3803 or visit them online.