Continuing Education – Hair Removal, Hollis, NH Area

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on October 3, 2013

There are many good reasons to consider electrolysis, and many reasons to select Nashua Electrolysis as your provider of choice for hair removal. Hollis, NH and the surrounding area have access to a clean, safe, and friendly location to take care of problem hair comfortably and permanently. When you become a client of Nashua Electrolysis, we get to know you and your needs. We can tailor a treatment program to your needs, and ensure you have a safe and pleasant experience under the supervision of our caring and highly trained staff.

Our training includes many different areas of expertise, including dermatology. For our own education and for continued licensure in the State of New Hampshire, all our electrologists take part in annual continuing education. This continuing education gives us a broader understanding of the science of hair removal, the process of hair growth and skin repair, and many areas of medicine beyond simple removal of problem hair. Through experience and education, we become familiar with many of the common problems and concerns affecting skin. There are times when this training allows us to offer guidance on a client’s skin health.

During the course of treatment, your electrologist will examine the area being treated, many times including areas not easily visible to a client (such as the neck, shoulders, and back). On occasion, your electrologist may notice changes in your skin tone, pigment, or the color or shape of a mole that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. While we won’t say that permanent hair removal could save your life – our high level of training could give you a head start on skin or health issues that need to be addressed.

When you choose Nashua Electrolysis for the treatment of embarrassing or problem hair, or to control the occurrence of painful ingrown hairs, you can be assured that you are putting your health and care in the hands of competent professionals who will look at your treatment as a whole. In the event your electrologist finds something that may be of concern, they will be able to direct you to the best professionals to properly assess the findings.

If you are considering treatment for unwanted hair, please contact us for a comprehensive consultation. We will discuss your treatment options, our approach for achieving permanent hair removal, and answer any questions you may have about the process. We are happy to discuss our training, and how that training can benefit you as a client for hair removal. Hollis, NH residents trust us for the care and management of their beauty and skin health, and we would love the opportunity to serve you in our clean, friendly, and professional office. Please contact us today for a free and confidential consultation.