Best Practices When Preparing for Electrolysis

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on May 25, 2019

So you’ve gone ahead and committed yourself to a hair removal solution before the summer months take full effect.  Electrolysis is an excellent choice given that it is the only permanent hair removal treatment.  Although other techniques create a similar result, they are temporary.  Further, electrolysis is the only method approved of, and recognized by, the Food and Drug Administration as well as the American Medical Association.  So now that you’ve made the excellent choice to pursue hair removal in Brookline, NH, knowing how to prepare and what to expect are equally important.  This article will highlight key features of what you should know before your first visit to Nashua Electrolysis.



An crucial part of the hair removal process begins with your initial consultation.  This session will help your electrologist learn your medical history, concerns, and desired results.  However, this is not only a session for them to learn about you, but for you to learn about them.  An educational overview on the process of electrolysis, hair growth, and removal modalities will be presented allowing you to ask questions.

Another benefit of your consultation is that your treatment program will be established.  Factors such as hair thickness, color, and the area being treated can all play roles in how little, or how many sessions you may need to achieve your optimal goal. From here, your first appointment will be scheduled!



Now that your scheduled to begin your hair removal sessions, there are a few things you should do to prepare.  First, no more waxing or shaving for several days before your appointment.  However, the option of waxing is gone forever.  This will allow your hair to grow to a length that can be easily seen and treated.  It also enables your electrologist to see the natural state of the area and determine focus areas for the best results.

Although it is not required, cleansing the treatment area beforehand is always helpful for your electrologist.  The area will be cleaned with alcohol or witch hazel before treatment, but the removal of makeup etc. helps the session to be more productive.  Similarly, try to avoid the use of perfumes, oils, or lotions that may irritate your skin.


After Care

Equally important as your preparations, is the care for your skin after being treated.  Although there are many tips and tricks to remain comfortable, the simplest is to leave the treated area alone.  By avoiding touch, cosmetics, deodorants, etc. will help your skin heal. However, thin layers of antibacterial creams or ointments may be applied. This will help to soothe any discomfort and keep the area clean.


If you have not yet committed yourself to hair removal in Brookline, NH, and surrounding areas, now is the time to consider electrolysis.  Getting a jump start on the warmer months will ensure a hair-free, worry-free summer.  For more information visit Nashua Electrolysis online, or call at (603) 888-3803.