5 Myths About Electrolysis

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on August 28, 2015

There are many misconceptions about different methods of hair removal, whether it’s temporary or permanent. The end result of all these methods, however, is to remove unwanted hair. The major downfall to temporary hair removal, such as shaving, tweezing, waxing, or depilatories, are that they only last a few days to a couple of weeks. Electrolysis is the most successful method available for permanent hair removal and has been around for over 125 years. Nashua Electrolysis has heard many myths around this form of hair removal in Hollis, NH.

  1. Myth: Electrolysis is an outdated form of hair removal

Fact: Even though electrolysis has been around for over 125 years, it does not mean that the technology is 125 years old. Nashua Electrolysis uses computer technology that is state-of-the-art and is the only FDA approved permanent hair removal method that exists. The machines are efficient and effective!

  1. Myth: It is more expensive than other forms of hair removal

Fact: Although electrolysis requires a series of treatments, due to the hair growth cycle, it is very affordable. Expenses are saved because a person will not need lifelong constant maintenance of their unwanted facial and body hair with temporary methods.

  1. Myth: Home Electrolysis devices are just as effective as professional electrolysis

Fact: Like most products, home kits are not as powerful as professional electrolysis machines, nor are they FDA approved for permanent hair removal in Hollis, NH. They do not have enough electrical power to kill the hair germination cells and may cause skin damage if used improperly.

  1. Myth: Electrolysis causes a large amount of pain

Fact: Any form of hair removal will cause some sensation, however, electrolysis doesn’t cause the unbearable pain that people fear. Everyone has their own personal comfort level when it comes to hair removal, therefore it is important  to discuss this with your electrologist prior to your first session. Topical anesthetics are also available for the super sensitive patient.

  1. Myth: Laser is more effective than Electrolysis

Fact: Laser hair removal is only approved for hair reduction by the FDA, whereas electrolysis is approved for permanent hair removal by the FDA. Also, there are several different hair and skin tones for which laser is not effective. Electrolysis is effective for all age, hair and skin types!

Know the facts about electrolysis. Nashua Electrolysis is here for any other questions you may have! For your free consultation call (603) 888-3803 today!